Stupid Car Accident!

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You are on the road on your way to some important meeting or appointment to your doctor. Once you hit the highway you found out that there is a traffic jam due to some sort of accident and few moments later you realized that you cant make your appointment all because of a stupid car accident! Car accident doesnt only inconvenience the drivers and passengers of the cars involved but also those people who will use the road. Surely there will be a lot of traffic, curious people circling around, and authorities investigating and ticketing, all of these trouble and waste of time just because of a stupid car accident. Now, the question is what the reasons for these interesting car accidents are. Equipment Failure Car manufacturers are tied in by the law to engineer their cars to at least meet the minimum safety standard. However, be it a funny car accident or not, a drivers reason will most usually be an equipment failure which is not as funny as someone who is claiming to hit a tree that wasnt there before. His brakes do not work, his tire exploded, or any other reason that relates to car parts. Roadway Design There are cases in which the driver isnt really at fault because it is the roadway design. The hazard visibility, roadway surfaces, traffic control devices, identification signs are something that should be planned and placed correctly. In fact, there are recorded funny reasons why car accidents happen like the pole is fast approaching and theres nothing I can do and As...

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